Have you ever awakened so early with your children it’s even too early for coffee? Well, this is my morning; it ‘s just ‘one of those mornings, too,’ right? One child awakes, won’t go back to sleep and ultimately awakes their siblings and possibly even the neighbours. Next thing you know, everyone’s up at 4am having cereal and awaiting a 6am Cbeebies start. 

This morning, however, despite my tiredness and the frustration of 1) no sleep and 2) not having complete control over my children so they sleep when I tell them to, I was having all sorts of little (obvious) self-realisations. Our little ones are not trying to ruin our lives, are they? They just happen to have their own thoughts, determinations, and yes, even sleep cycles and as parents we need to be there to guide and support. Even if it’s 4am. “Oh well,” we say, “it’s just a few years.”

It’s “just a few years” is what we always tell ourselves, but then when you blink your eye, these years are gone. “Just a few years” and they’ll stop silently climbing into your bed at 3am, “just a few years” and they won’t call ‘Mama’ in the middle of the night for a glass of water, ‘just a few years’ and they’ll be sleeping on their own through the night. Great. This is how it’s all supposed to happen; and then I’ll finally get some rest and not have the darks eye circles of a raccoon.

Somehow, though, I think I’ll miss these mornings. The early morning stillness (once everyone is awake!) of the kids eating cereal in the dark and playing quietly in their pyjamas on the playroom floor. It’s almost more bonding than the craziness that happens throughout the rest of the day. It’s these moments when coffee doesn’t matter, sleep doesn’t matter. In many ways, this is why we have our own progeny. The only thing that matters is paying attention to these moments and hoping that you’ll remember them throughout the days to come. 


  1. I’m reading this laughing out loud while in my pjs with a keg of tea! My girls (2 and 6) are firmly awake. Have been for hours. The littlest one, most of the night! We’ve already had tears and arguments but now they’re playing nicely with a Polly Pocket house full of dinosaurs! I read the line about remembering these special moments just as one said to the other “eurgh, your fartypants stink! “.
    Let’s hope the day improves 😉


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