Good news, right?

OK, monarchist or not, I think the anticipation of another royal baby is wonderful news. A baby is great news in itself, but one with all the pomp and circumstance following, even better. Especially when there is just so much evil going on in the world at the moment. It just something positive to think about. 

In between my days of caring for my kiddos and trying to work efficiently, I worry. Yes, I worry. I worry about the Ukraine. I worry about Iraq, Israel, Syria. I worry about Ebola. Worry, worry, worry. What kind of world are we bringing our children into? It scares me a little at times. We’re so lucky to be sitting here in little Britain, right? We could be one of those families in the Middle East…but then time passes, life happens, and we get back into the daily grind and forget about how great we have it and how thankful we should be every single day we rise.

So, remember, it’s a great day today. Today is all we’ve got. Make the best of it. The sun is shining and there are new beginnings; and there’s a new baby on the way! 

photo: courtesy of Daily Mail


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