Every time I wake up on the 11th of September I can’t help but think of one thing. One thing I wish I could forget. The evil that occurred 13 years ago, but seems like yesterday. The day the World Trade Centre twin towers, the people working inside, and the Americans were attacked.

Over 3000 people got up that morning, as they probably did every morning, expecting to get their coffee, maybe run some errands, catch the train, and ultimately finding themselves sitting at their desks or chatting by the water cooler. But this wasn’t that day. It was a day over 3000 people wouldn’t make it to lunchtime, wouldn’t make it to the next meeting, and wouldn’t make it home to their families that evening.

I don’t know about many of you, but I will always remember the moment it happened, where I was, who told me it happened, and spending the remaining part of the day and week contacting people I know who either lived in NYC or actually worked in the World Trade Centre. I knew two people that perished that day and had many friends directly affected as well.

13 years later I’m not sure the world is much safer from this threat, but I for one, will always remember…

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