HERTS GOOD THINGS: Three Things to do this Weekend in Hertfordshire

I was thinking it might be nice to do a series of blog posts of ‘Herts Good Things’…It could be food, locations, things-to-do, etc. They won’t be posted all the time, but they’ll all be connected in that they’ll all be tried-and-true good things in Hertfordshire. If you all have any suggestions for some good things, let me know!

This said, Friday is here which brings a sigh of relief to many, but to many it also means the children are home, the family is together, the weather forecast is good, and we need to do something! So, will it be the same old thing you do locally every Saturday and Sunday or will you try something new?

Not sure if any of these Herts Good Things will be new for you and your family; but again, as the forecast for Hertfordshire is set to be pretty decent it might make sense to get out and about a bit. Get some last-of-the-summer warmer air before those autumnal walks (we’re also looking forward to) set-in. So, here’s my list for getting outdoors this weekend:

1. Walk in Wendover Woods:

We did this as a family a couple weekends ago and it was really fun. There are tons of trails for walking and cycling, a great little cafe, there was a lovely little craft market going on that weekend, a wonderful, mostly wooded, play area for kids of most ages, and best of all, a Gruffalo trail. We had so much fun spotting the characters until we finally caught our nemesis the mighty (amazingly carved) Gruffalo. The best part is it’s FREE, with the exception of parking (nominal).

More info here:


2.  Heartwood Forest:

This is the largest new native forest in England. A great project and another great place for some fresh air and exercise. Parking is free, you can take your dogs, and it’s not a far jaunt from St. Albans to grab a nice lunch before or after.

More info here:


3.  Great British Sculpture Show at Hatfield House:

The show finishes at the end of September and I have to say I’ll miss it. We had a season’s pass and spent many summer days walking amongst the bronze, metal and stone sculptures placed throughout the vast Hatifeld House gardens. My children would run around, pretend they were the sculptures, and tire themselves out. Only for us to head to the lovely, albeit slightly pricey, cafe to re-charge and head to the adjacent play area and farm. I would also recommend checking out the actual house if you haven’t. It doesn’t take long to tour and it’s well worth the visit.

More info here:


Ok, so that’s it for this week…Check out some of these Herts Good Things with your family and enjoy your weekend.

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