Look out London, Paris, Milan, and New York, St. Albans is arriving on the fashion scene and arriving big during the week of 27 October through 2 November.

Building on the success of the inaugural 2013 fashion week, this year’s campaign is focusing on a “Lose Yourself in the Fairytale of Fashion” where well-loved fairytales are fabulously updated by the local fashion and beauty scene, showcasing local retail and design talent and all delicately placed within St. Albans historical and iconic settings.

Throughout the week, St. Albans venues will be transformed into the hip, high street, and the haute. Days are jam-packed with events for all things fashion and beauty. Highlights include a Cathedral Catwalk (showcasing the longest indoor catwalk event in the UK), a luxury wedding event at Hatfield House, a sophisticated and elegant Luxe Fashion Show evening of cocktail dresses, tuxes, and martinis, as well as pop-up shops, workshops, and events for children.


The organiser and founder is one of St. Albans own fashionistas, Ellena Ophira. What started as her blog, “Style in My City,” is now an fashion sector/event consultancy and is the driving force behind the concept, passion, and promotion. Ellena says, “I’m so proud that we have three shows this year. The climax of the week will still be the Cathedral Catwalk, which will focus on high street fashion, young talent and local designers, but each show will be  a spectacle in it’s own right, with it’s own unique style, atmosphere, and ambiance. I want to showcase the incredible fashion and beauty and young and local talent we have on our doorstep and give St. Albans a week that people will never forget.”

For more information on the week-long events:

Many events are free, but for ticketed events click here:

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