Halloween: It’s Not Pagan, it’s Fun; and it’s a Herts Good Thing

Halloween pumpkin, hat, corn, broom, leaf and pot isolated over

Ok, I know everyone thinks it’s just one more insidious American tradition brought over from the ‘land of the free’ to infiltrate the British culture (I mean, wasn’t the Grey Squirrel enough?!). I, however, have always loved Halloween. For me it was always about the time of year; the pumpkins, the apple-picking, Autumnal weather, jumping in fallen, brightly-coloured leaves, and then ultimately, the challenge of coming up with a creative and possibly cute (not ghoulish) costume. The British love fancy dress, so why is it that Halloween has had such a bad rap?

Is it because of it’s pagan roots? Is it because it’s like some unwanted and undesirable cold caller ceaselessly knocking at your door until you reluctantly open to placate and go back to your television? Or is it because of the last thing the British want is one more American influence? Maybe? Well whatever the reason, it’s not winning. Halloween is catching-on and it’s catching fast.

Last year alone we handed out two big baskets of chocolates. Children of all ages covered our neighbourhood disguised in everything from ghosts, to princesses, to frogs, to pirates. Each one with a smile on their face, having a blast walking the streets with their mummies and daddies, getting fresh air and receiving yummy treats. It was lovely to see because? Well,  it was fun! Family memories in the making; and that’s a good thing.

This said, here are some of Hertfordshire’s hottest Halloween happenings:  http://local.mumsnet.com/hertfordshire/halloween

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