REVIEW: Get Wild! at the Hatfield Galleria

Yes, it’s here…it’s half-term! Now what? What do you do with the children today, tomorrow, this week? What if it rains?
Well, fear not. If you want someplace to go where you can sit-back, have a coffee, and wear the kids out then Get Wild! at the Hatfield Galleria is your place.

The Galleria Get Wild

Now, I know many of us have a lot of questions when we think of indoor play areas. What’s the space like? Is it safe? Will there be too many children? Too many big kids? Is it clean? Well again, fear not…with two small children I’ve been to many a soft play environments and this is one of the nicest I’ve experienced.

Firstly, the space is great. It’s sits prominently within the centre of the shops, so the lighting is bright; the height of the sturdy jungle-themed play structures practically reach the ceiling, so ample climbing, sliding, running, and jumping opportunities for energetic little legs; there’s also an under-three enclosed play area, and plenty of picnic tables and couches scattered about so you can sit, have a Costa coffee, chat with some friends, and still manage to watch if your sons and daughters are getting in to trouble.

The other aspect that seriously overwhelmed me was the cleanliness. I’m a sucker for a clean place and especially for a space this large, you’d think the sheer effort in keeping the place dusted wouldn’t happen; but alas, the place is spotless. It almost sparkled. That reminds me, I’ll need to ask them what cleaning products they us on my next visit.

It also seemed very safe and secure with a gated entrance and surrounding fencing manned (or woman-ed) with the lovely, pleasant, and helpful staff. It was nice to see employees caring about their environment and the customers using the space. You could tell they respected the fact they were entrusted in helping to keep the place safe, clean, and orderly and took the job seriously with a smile on their faces.

So, if you’re wracking your brains trying to think of a way to entertain your young ones this half-term, then why not try Get Wild!? It won’t disappoint; and for this half term, when you treat the kids to Get Wild! the Galleria will treat you. From 25 October to 2 November, you’ll receive a £5 Galleria Gift Card to spend in the shops, restaurants or cinema making the visit all the more worthwhile.


More information on Get Wild! here:

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