Why Choose An Independent School?

Each year, thousands of parents in Hertfordshire opt to send their children to an independent school, despite the county having many excellent state schools. In fact, there are more children at independent schools across the UK than ever before.

The boom in the independent sector corroborates what many parents have known for a long time: independent schools offer an outstanding education that primes each child ready to enter a challenging world.

It is naturally of utmost importance to focus on why you are choosing the independent sector. All schools ultimately do the same, they allow children to learn and gain qualifications. The difference lies in the often intangible ‘extras’, such as the culture of the school, its values and the way in which the education is delivered. You know your child best, what will suit them, and whether they will be able to develop and fulfil their potential. The key question for most parents is “can I see my child flourishing at a particular establishment and does it feel ‘right’?”

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Lockers Park. An Outstanding Education + Happy Children

When it comes to which independent school, the goal must be to find not only a brilliant and rounded education with strong results but also an environment where the welfare and happiness of the children is central. We believe Lockers Park offers that unique balance.

Nestled in 23 acres of beautiful woodland on the outskirts of Hemel Hempstead, the Preparatory School has offered an excellent education for boys aged 7-13 for over 140 years. It has a long tradition of preparing boys for the very best of British public and independent schools, via Common Entrance at 13+ and Scholarships. In fact, the Good Schools Guide recently described Lockers Park as “A small and perfectly formed school.”

Lockers Park is proud of its deservedly high reputation for being a school with strong results but what sets the school apart is its emphasis on nurturing each and every child. The school aims to foster a love of learning, not just learning for exam success. With small class sizes of just 16 – a hallmark of Lockers Park – the school is able to allow each child to develop and shine at a speed and level that suits them. The school believes an emphasis on outdoor play, exercise every day and a wide array of stimulating activities leads to increased concentration during academic lessons.

The Lockers Park curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. Whilst the National Curriculum is a useful starting point, departments adapt and enhance their programmes of study to ensure that every pupil is motivated, inspired and challenged.

Emphasis on Rounded Development

It is not just about academic qualifications though.  Lockers Park, like most independent schools, offers an excellent range of extra-curricular activities, all underpinned by a culture rooted in individuality, self-expression and self-confidence. Whether your child’s interest lies in sport, science and technology, music, art or drama, there is the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs at the school including Lockers Park’s very own Cub and Scouts pack; there is even a room dedicated to trains, with a vast electric train set which the boys play with and repair themselves.Boys in a Row smallerA local mum chose Lockers Park for her son: “A good education is obviously important, and Lockers Park ticks that box, of course. What really suited my son, though, was the infinite range of activities on offer, which has allowed him to totally relish each and every school day, as well as mature as an individual. He has been involved in all sorts of pursuits, including Bushcraft expeditions and science challenges through to playing against a county chess champion.”

New Pre-Prep at Lockers Park

This September, Locker Park School will begin a new chapter in its history, with the launch of a purpose-designed Pre-Prep for boys and girls aged 4-6. A team of specialist, dedicated staff will ensure the Pre-Prep school day is structured around developing each child’s creativity, physical skills, social interactions and confidence.

Lockers Park parents have welcomed the introduction of a Co-Ed Pre-Prep, agreeing that in these early years, children can benefit from learning together. From Year 3 onwards, the Lockers Park belief is that older boys will thrive, both educationally and socially, in a single gender environment and so the main Preparatory School will remain boys only as it has done for the past 140 years.

In Tune with Our Parents

IMG_5845 smallerAt Lockers Park, the school recognises that parents lead busy working lives and strives to be as accommodating as possible, without racking up additional fees. For instance, for Year 3’s and above, the school day includes an option to come in for breakfast at 7.30am and stay for prep and supper at the end of the day – all at no extra cost and with minimal notice. The school’s flexible approach will also extend to the new Pre-Prep, where children can benefit from wrap-around care until 6pm, including supper, for a small charge.

Find Out More

To learn more about Lockers Park visit http://www.lockerspark.herts.sch.uk or call 01442 251712 to meet the Headmaster, Christopher Wilson.

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