How to Burglar-proof the Family Home

Einbrecher an einem Fenster

How burglar-proof is your property? If you’re worried that your household may be vulnerable to break-ins, here’s a quick guide to staying safe and secure. We’ll touch on the security upgrades you can make, and explain how you can change your habits to ensure a burglar-proof home.

Invest in Security

Keeping your home burglar-proof isn’t just about avoiding potential theft – more importantly it’ll help you feel safe and secure in your own space. That’s definitely worth investing in. So consider some of these security upgrades to burglar-proof your home and help you sleep sounder at night:

  • Burglar alarms: Not just the preserve of wealthy householders, intruder alarms are an excellent (and affordable) way to burglar-proof your home, sending a clear and visible signal that you are on top of your home security. There is a wide range of different alarms to choose from, and you can opt to cover just one area of your home or the whole house.
  • Safes: Keep your valuables locked up and out of sight, so that burglars don’t have easy pickings. A safe is worth considering for sensitive or personal documents.
  • CCTV: Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? Now you can be the one doing the watching. CCTV is a valuable tool to help you monitor your property, and it’s one that will be a definite repellent to any potential intruders.
  • Smart security systems: Modern technology now lets you burglar-proof your home with the aid of your smartphone. Check out your CCTV footage wherever you are, and set your alarms at the touch of a screen. Smart security is a great option if you’re away a lot.

Think like an Intruder

As a (mostly) upstanding member of your community, you probably don’t have what it takes to be a criminal mastermind. But turning your mind to more nefarious thoughts can help you see any security vulnerabilities from a burglar’s point of view.

  • Open windows. Surely it won’t do any harm to leave that upstairs window open while you pop out for a few minutes? Sadly, it’s a really bad idea. To a passing opportunist with the right mindset, it’s a tempting invitation – you’re almost making it too easy! And if you do it regularly at similar times, someone observing your property will notice the pattern and be ready to slip in and out quickly. While burglar-proof windows and doors are important, the most robust locks on the market are no use unless you use them.
  • Shady spots. Dark, shady spots outside your property make easy hiding places for intruders – so make your exterior as hostile as possible to those wanting to remain unnoticed. Gravel driveways, outside lights and visible security alarms are all great ways to help burglar-proof your home.
  • Keys under the mat. Or the flower pot. Or attached to your letterbox! These are all classic places to keep a spare key, but to a burglar they’re as obvious as a password set to 1234. Avoid keeping your keys anywhere accessible to strangers, but consider giving a spare set to your neighbours so that you have one available in an emergency.

So there you have it – a few simple steps you can take to make your home more burglar-proof. If you want to know more about which products to invest in, the Which? website has lots of impartial information on home security.

Kevin Carloni is passionate about providing the best help to home and business owners in need of security solutions. For more information, contact Kevin on 0800 052 0922 or 07976 359 552. Alternatively, send him an email at or visit the Fort Locks website.

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