Guest Post: Are “Running Clubs” Just for Professionals?


Everyone’s heard of their local running club, or has that one person on Facebook who seems to be forever running marathons up and down the country; but are running clubs just for seasoned pros, or can anyone get involved?

We think the latter – the more people who get fit and active the better! And St Albans Half Marathon agree. Race Director, Katie Foweraker, says “We have over 6500 people taking part in our event each year, and the majority of them have never run a Half Marathon before! We are a community event and so our focus is on getting everyone in the area active and putting on a fun-filled community event to raise money for local charities”.

“We got some feedback after last years event that many women wanted to participate but just couldn’t get into running. The intention was there, but they didn’t know how to start, where to run or how to progress past a 60 second jog”.

Following this, St Albans Half Marathon started a Ladies’ only running group, Athena. About to launch their Spring Groups, which will be the second cohort since they started in January this year, Athena meets throughout the week with trained leaders to help the ladies progress reach their running goals.

HM finishers

“The Spring Groups are a perfect time to start.” Says Katie “We will take the Athena ladies right up to the St Albans Half Marathon on 12th June 2016, where they can join ‘Team Athena’ in any of the races and reach the finish line together with their new found friends!”

The St Albans Half Marathon also has a Walking Half Marathon and 1.5k Fun Run so there’s something for everyone. And with a free ice lolly at the finish line and Athena ladies at your side, you will be smiling to the finish line!

As it’s a big community event, there will also be food and drink, children’s sport activities, face painting, arts and crafts plus inflatable fun, so you’re sure to have a great day, enjoying the sunshine and being active with the family!

Why not come along and get involved? Visit for more information on St Albans Half Marathon and Athena. Or if you’re not local, why not start your own beginners running group?! Just gather a few friends and set off with a St Albans Half Race as your motivational goal. Remember – a little run is better than no run!

“Be that person on Facebook sharing your finish line photo with your ice lolly in one hand and your medal in the other – you can do it!”

If you’d like to run the St. Albans Half Marathon then use code MUMSNET for 10% off all races – valid for the first 50 people only!

Post written by St. Albans Half Marathon staff writer.



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