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Sensational Spa Day at Luton Hoo Hotel

Just before Christmas I had the opportunity for some much needed personal time and pampering. In the midst of all the holiday hype, I managed to find a morning where I could indulge myself into the relaxing retreat at the Luton Hoo Hotel Spa. img_0929It’s quite a magical place that helped me escape for just a little while and recharge my batteries.

From the moment you pass the majestic hotel gates and drive through the
countryside/golf course entrance you enter into an almost fairyland-esqe world that  begins melting and leaving the stresses of everyday life behind. Seriously; The Luton Hoo grounds are beautiful.

After parking my car and wandering through the woodland trails to the elegant spa entrance I was cheerfully greeted by the reception team, given a tour of the facilities and offered a cosy, terrycloth dressing gown to begin my experience.img_0940

 I  was booked in for the customized Luton Hoo Signature Treatment, but as I arrived early, had some time to decompress and take advantage of the offered facilities.

There’s a very calming atmosphere from the locker room to the spectacular (one of the best I’ve ever seen) oak framed pool area complete with infinity pool, vitality pool, and heat therapy suite.

img_0942After a little swim and sauna, I had a some time to spare before my treatment; Naturally, I ventured upstairs to the Relaxation Room to sample some herbal teas and dried fruit snacks while entranced by the sound of soothing music and the almost-sedative inducing fish tank bubbling. I almost didn’t need the treatment, though, as I was pretty much relaxed and ready for a nap.

I’m glad I held-out for the treatment, though (as if I’d miss it). The Luton Hoo Signature treatment, with the lovely Senior Therapist,  Becky, in charge, is 80 minutes of blissful calm. An ESPA-customized treatment specifically for Luton Hoo, the ritual takes you from a cleansing footbath to Balinese massage and can be incorporated with the most warming of hot stones. The ESPA oils are personalised to your liking and smell fantastic. Needless to say the overall experience left me ultra-relaxed and ready to take on the world. I’m even considering the Luton Hoo Spa membership just so I can unwind on demand.

Click here for more information on the Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa & here for Luton Hoo Spa Membership

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REVIEW: Verulamium Spa: A Local Luxury

Just moments from the heart, history, and happenings in St. Albans sits one of the county’s secret little treasures: The Verulamium Spa. With views of the park and the imposing cathedral, the spa resides within, but separate from, the fairly newly-built Westminster Lodge Leisure centre. The facilities cover two floors, and include everything you’d need and expect to ensure a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

receptionAlthough the spa entrance requires passing through the buzzing fitness facilities, the reception offers an immediate feeling of friendliness, quietness, and calm. I was welcomed courteously, handed a dressing gown and slippers, asked if I wanted anything to drink, and it was off to the dressing room to change.

Once in my relaxing kit, I was provided an orientation on the offered facilities: the treatment rooms to the left; the bistro to the right offering an array of healthy smoothies, salads, and herbal teas; the indoor and outdoor (Summer) relaxation areas offering a deafening silence of lounging rest; and then downstairs for the heated chambers (Tepidarium, Lanconium, Calidarium, etc) and sauna. There are also additional areas for manicures and pedicures that are slightly separate from the more relaxing side of the spa. Overall, the facilities aren’t covering a huge area, but the layout and light, bright decor create a real sense of space.

I started my experience in the downstairs heat and steam area. I was a bit chilled from outside, so I immediately headed for the heated loungers, sipping my green tea, and caught-up on my magazine addiction.  I popped in and out of all the heat rooms and after about an hour and fifteen minutes of warming my bones and soaking my joints, it was time for the scheduled event, my 40-minute Back, Neck, and Shoulder massage. I’ve had some issues with my back and neck recently (due to too many children climbing into my bed at night), so I was really looking forward to this.

treatment_room I made my way back upstairs surfacing from the warmth and tranquility below and headed for the indoor relaxation room to await my massage. There was only one other person (sleeping) in the room, so I was able to sit back in peace continuing with my Hello glossy.

The moment arrived, off for my massage. The treatment room was decorated, again, with calming colours of comfort and plenty of space. Aromatherapy oils were filling the room with scents of flowers and fields (non-allergic, ones, thankfully!). The fresh-faced therapist asked all the precautionary health questions and if I had anything I needed focusing. I mentioned my neck issue and, although my injury isn’t healed completely, she certainly did something to ease the pain and loosen the area. The massage was lovely and although I could hear a slight bit of noise coming from the bistro from time to time, the experience was great.

All in all, I was delightfully impressed with this local St. Albans gem. It’s certainly not your grand, country hotel spa, but it’s not trying to be. It’s an urban spa offering a lovely, relaxing place to unwind, warm-up, and beautify; and for great value, I might add. I thoroughly recommend the Verulamium Spa and am looking forward to planning my return.

If you’re interested in some December party prep (valid through 31 Dec), the spa are promoting a great-value offer called the Party PackageYou can choose from three of any of the following treatments all for £50! I think this is a fab, seasonal deal:

jessica – Jessica geleration application on the hands

– Jessica geleration application on the feet                                           

– Express facial

– Lash & Brow tint

– Half leg & Bikini

– Full body application of the Clarins tan

For more information on the spa, check our listing here: http://local.mumsnet.com/hertfordshire/fitness-wellbeing-other/287863-verulamium-spa